The Omnific – The Minds Eye (2019)


The Omnific are simply put, a band like no other.  The Melbourne based trio feature two bass players, a drummer, and nothing more, and that is all they need quite frankly.

The band is comprised of Matt Fack and Toby Peterson-Stuart on bass guitars, and Jerome Lematua on drums, and after listening to The Minds Eye, I am completed blown away by the talent on display here.

Over the course of 6 songs, the band take us through an instrumental masterclass.  It’s a progressive, jazz infused journey.  Atmospheric and airy, quite heavy at times, but nothing short of uplifting.

The Minds Eye is not background music to a mundane task.  It commands your attention from the get go, and deserves every bit of it.

The level of musicianship and talent on display here is magnificent.  The Omnific get their point across beautifully, in a very colourful and cinematic way.  The absence of guitars goes completely unnoticed.

These pieces of music tell a story, but it’s entirely up to your interpretation.  Moonstruck might be the absolute highlight of the EP (works perfectly with its accompanying video), but each piece is as important and immersive as the next.

After listening to The Minds Eye, you’ll no longer have any need for bass player jokes.  


Review by Shayne McGowan

Check out tour dates and the clip for Moonstruck below;


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