Getting to know Carrington.


Perth based pop punk band, Carrington, are set to release their debut EP, Alter-Ego, on May 24th.  In the lead up to the release, Shayne had a chat with the bands vocalist Emmett Carroll about their sound, influences, the EP, and the future of Carrington.

Tell me about how Carrington came together?

Carrington started with Zach (bass) and I moving to Perth from our home town of Busselton. We’d played in a band there and knew we got along really well so we decided to start something else up with another mate Jake (our old drummer). We searched around some Perth musician forums and got a response from Chris (guitars) who “tried out”, and then Chris got his mate Blake (guitars) involved a little down the line. Jake moved to Germany so we got Jordan involved to replace him on drums. Interestingly Jordan was at Zach and I’s first gig in our old band, and we’d stayed in touch since… small world haha!

Who are your influences?

We all listen to really different music so it’s hard to say! I’d say for the most part it’s bands like Knuckle Puck, The Story So Far and Boston Manor. 

You guys are based in Perth, so I’m just curious what the music scene is like over there currently?

Honestly, we could say stuff like it’s the best but honestly it isn’t great. Perth is super isolated so it doesn’t get much attention from touring bands compared to over east. In saying that the hardcore/metal scene is great, with bands like Daybreak and Vacant Home to name a couple of awesome acts. 

You’ve been together as a band since 2015, so why has it taken 4 years to release your debut EP?  Was it just a case of wanting to really hone your skills on individual tracks first, or did you suffer setbacks along the way?

I think the industry is full of mystery and part of us delaying or maybe being slow is that we had no idea what we were doing. Literally no idea. We wrote some songs, but weren’t super stoked with them so we kept working on them. We played some shows where 10 people came, and one 3 person show haha! Losing Jake was a slight hurdle, but since getting Jordan involved we’ve really worked out what we want and where we want to be.

You’re defined as alternative / pop punk, but there’s a lot more going on in your music to my ears.  Can you describe your sound for us.

We really don’t want to be defined by specific genres (as much of a cliche as that is). We get bored of styles relatively quick, so we love to write lots of stuff whether it’s pop-punk or more hardcore stuff. I think for us as long as we have energy in our music, and catchy hooks then we are pretty happy (The Story So Far, Trash Boat, Boston Manor, Trophy Eyes in a big blender)

There seems to be a lot of buzz for Carrington at the moment, with Short.Fast.Loud and Alternative Press both getting behind your current singles.  That must be very satisfying for the band?

We are happy when anyone likes or is interested in our music but to get some hype from some bigger outlets is really a good feeling. We are trying to not dwell on it and just keep driving forward but we are definitely stoked. A lot of awesome bands go unnoticed and we have nothing but great things to say about our PR Team; Ophelia and Tim at Collision for getting us out there!

You’re releasing your debut EP, ‘Alter-Ego’ on May 24th.  I’ve heard it, and I think it’s great, but can you tell the readers what to expect from the EP?

I think to expect diversity in the “Pop-Punk” sound. All four songs are really different, and listeners should expect to hear specific influencing bands in each track.

How did your experiences differ for ‘Alter-Ego’ compared to recording and releasing one track at a time, like you’ve done in the past?

We wrote all the tracks on the EP at once, and we probably had seven full songs written before we started short listing them. We got down to five tracks, recorded those and picked our favourite four for the EP. Getting to sit at it and record a group of work at once is nice and immersive, hopefully we can do more in this style in the future!

You also released an acoustic set, Boronia, early this year.  Is that something you would like to do more of?

Definitely! We had a great time working on the acoustic music and will probably do something similar in the future. On a different note we have something planned for our song “Boronia” but we’ll leave that till next time!

Tell us about Carringtons live shows.

Friends, beers and having a laugh. I mean it’s pretty nondescript but I’m not sure how else we can describe it… occasionally we have people get on stage and people throw shoes at us for us to wear hahah!

Do you currently have plans for a national tour in support of ‘Alter-Ego’?

Not yet…but we’ll leave that door open and see what happens! That would be great!

Where do you hope to see Carrington five years from now?

We don’t really know. I mean in my wildest dreams I’d say on the road having fun with my mates, but who knows with the way the industry is!

Thanks for your time today Emmett, and all the best for the launch of Alter-Ego. 

Thanks heaps for the interview, and the kind words regarding the EP. We really appreciate it and hope we can be in touch soon with more content!


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