Superheist – Sidewinder (2019)


I have been a fan of Superheist for as long as I can remember, from the Berger era of the bands early EPs and the still excellent debut full length “The Prize Recruit”, through the Joey Biro era with “Identical Remote Controlled Reactions”, to the current era with Ezekiel Ox at the mic.  If Ghosts of the Social Dead was the comeback album, and an introduction to Ezekiel Ox as the frontman, then latest album Sidewinder is the statement that Superheist has now cemented a very solid line up, and they’re here to stay.

Sidewinder opens with The Riot, and instantly delivers a wall of sound that will be familiar to Superheist fans of all eras, but with a maturity that only comes with experience.  Crush the Crisis is an anthemic rocker, with an immense sound, and an absolutey brilliant genre defying vocal performance from Zeke.

Overlord shows the band taking some chances, and in turn delivers a song that could help catapult them to a new level of success.  It truly goes great lengths towards reinventing the band, without alienating their loyal fanbase.

Shockwaves again does great things to move Sidewinder forward.  Opening with the stunning voice of guest vocalist London (DW Norton’s extremely talented wife) adding a sense of calm to a track that is otherwise relentless from the beginning.  It’s another massive song, with a techno approach (think Mortal Kombat soundtrack), driven by the mammoth drum beats of John Sankey.  It’s an absolute highlight of Sidewinder, and will certainly get the crowds moving.

Breathe takes it back a notch, with a hip hop flavoured opening before launching into a gigantic chorus where Ezekiel Ox’s vocals really soar.  Honestly, and with no disrespect to the two that came before, I think Ox is the best vocalist Superheist have ever had.  He can truly do it all.

Trauma has the ability to carry Superheist towards a more mainstream audience, and should be all over Australian radio.  It’s very accessible, only really unleashing the crushing riffs in the final minute of the song.

On And So We Burn, Superheist again push themselves into new territory, and it pays off dividends.  Featuring a guest spot from Sydonia vocalist Dana Roskvist, it’s an extremely well structured song, and the band really demonstrate that there is far more to them than just the Nu Metal sound as some might believe.

One of a Kind delves back in to hip hop territory for the majority of the song, but opens up to become a completely different kind of beast in the mid section.  To close out the album we have God Knows which shows a very aggressive side of the band, and finishes the album in epic fashion.

On Sidewinder, Superheist delivers the most genre defying and comprehensive album of their career.  Musically, the band are absolutely a cohesive unit that know exactly how to work together for the betterment of their songs.  The production is nothing short of perfect with every element getting the focus that it needs.  I really have nothing bad to say about this record.

Superheist have been back for a few years, but with Sidewinder, they have truly arrived.


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