Carrington- Alter Ego (2019)



Five piece punk rock outfit from Perth, Carrington, are set to release their debut EP, Alter Ego, on the 24th May.  If the pop punk stylings of an early 2000’s band like The Story So Far or Yellowcard are your taste, then you will definitely enjoy Alter Ego.

44 Days opens the EP, and demonstrates the pop punk sound that Carrington have crafted to perfection.  In all honesty, the band are not breaking new ground, or traversing any new territory, but make it fresh with their execution.

The melodic sensibility coupled with hardcore vocal flourishes throughout Alter Ego, is what makes Carrington shine at a time where bands are leaning more toward the aggressive end of the spectrum.  Interesting Places does indeed take the band to interesting places, putting some atmospheric sounds to use, really complementing the song as a whole.  The hardcore vocal elements first come in to play here too.  It’s the highlight of the EP for me.

Neon is an anthemic track where the vocals from Emmett Carroll are the star of the show, demonstrating a range of emotions throughout the song.

Serration closes out the debut EP, and it’s Carrington at their most intense.  Relentless in its delivery from the beginning, Serration eventually settles down briefly only to erupt in to a massive climax, that brings Alter Ego to a close in fine fashion.

Throughout Alter Ego, guitarists Christian Horsley and Blake Benning, along with the rhythm section of Zachary Carter on bass and drummer Jordan King, deliver a very solid base that enable the vocals to shine.  Carrington are a well oiled machine that play to their strengths, and that certainly shows here on such a fantastic debut.


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