Filth Dimension- Heavy Peace (2019)


Filth Dimension are a Melbourne based trio that take fast paced punk rock, stripped back grunge vibes and even some elements that border on metal and combine it all in to one very raw, DIY package.  The three tracks from their debut EP Heavy Peace sound as though they were recorded in a garage, and that serves the material rather than takes anything away from it.

Opening with first single, Save Me, the band deliver a three minute garage rock anthem complete with fuzzy guitars, catchy melodies and vocals that convey emotion.

On Black and Blue the band steps it up a notch or two.  I’m instantly thinking of Holes Live Through This album, particularly in the juxtaposition of the laid back versus that burst to life in the more aggressive chorus sections.  Vocally, it’s undeniable that artists like Courtney Love and Doita Sparks are an influence, but there’s a lot of Chrissie Amphlett in there too.

To close out the very short, but impactful EP, is a fast paced punk rock banger in Off You.  It’s two minutes of pure fire, that flips the script a little, with the super charged pace driving the versus, while the chorus slows the pace, but retains the snarl and aggression.  It’s gold.

Filth Dimension have just released the video for second single, Black and Blue, and as you can see (link below) they not only have the songs, but the look to go with them.  While I thoroughly enjoy the EP, I expect that Filth Dimension really comes to life in the live setting.


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