Meliorist – Patterns (2019)


After receiving great praise for their previous releases, Meliorist return in 2019, with a new vocalist in place, to release their debut full length album “Patterns”, set for release on May 10th.

Patterns starts off with Homeward, featuring a very interesting electro intro that shifts into a jangly guitar melody before ultimately pummeling the listener with a barrage of riffs and screaming vocals.  We’re off and racing.

Wanderer is vocally aggressive, but otherwise very melodic, particularly in the guitar.  It’s a formular that carries through the majority of the album.  The guitars are often doing something at odds with the rest of the band, but it works.

Blackout and Symptoms both stick closely to said formula, each to great effect.  On Illusions, new vocalist Andrew Corfield demonstrates some great vocal harmonies that are the polar opposite of the aggressive style vocals, showing that Meliorist can successfully mix it up.

Blossoms is a short airy electronic piece, that adds yet another dimension to the bands arsenal, and transitions well in to Oblivion, which is a definite highlight of the album for mine.

Final track Memories, returns to the earlier formular that Meliorist have crafted, and is a great way to close out the album.  Some may label the band as metalcore, but stylistically, they have more in common with a straightforward metal sound, often even leaning towards Story of the Year territory.


Patterns checks all the boxes as far as debut albums go as well.  It’s interesting, short and to the point, memorable and very well produced.  A very solid effort from a band that will firmly establish themselves off the back of this album.



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