Ezekiel Ox – Cheering Bombs From Deckchairs (2019)



Whether it be as vocalist for Mammal, The Nerve, Superheist or his own solo material, one thing for certain is that Ezekiel Ox always delivers a high energy vocal style.  His latest solo outing, Cheering Bombs From Deckchairs is certainly no exception.

On opening track, and lead single, Megalomania, Ezekiel Ox delivers a combination of his trademark rapping vocals and more traditional vocals over a funky bass heavy backdrop.  It’s catchy and fun, and a perfect way to start us off.

Call of Nature starts off as a throwback to alternative rock of the mid 90’s, before launching into a frenetic chorus that will have you pumping your fists in approval.

Keep Trying reminds me of Red Hot Chilli Peppers at their best, and features some of the best vocals of Ezekiel Ox’s career.  Soulful yet bordering on aggressive at times.  It’s a very well rounded song, and that funky bass is superb.

Vision shares the RHCP vibes of its predecessor, before transitioning into a weighty, bluesy anthem that has a huge stomp and clap along feel to it.

Bear Trap adds an element of fuzz, and uses guitar harmonies to great effect.  It has a darker feel to the other tracks on offer, but does a lot to show off the vocal range and different styles that Ox is capable of pulling off perfectly.  Bear Trap is funk, punk, rap and metal all rolled into one neat package, and certainly closes the EP on a high note.

I’m not sure how Ezekiel Ox has found the time to record an EP, with all of the other acts that he juggles, but I’m glad he has, because Cheering Bombs From Deckchairs is fantastic!



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