Suldusk – Lunar Falls (2019)


It’s impossible to listen to every new release album.  Trust me, I’d love to, but time makes that an impossibility.  With that being said, every now and then I’ll force myself out of my comfort zone to check out an album that may not necessarily be something I would normally listen to.  Sometimes that is a major backfire, but occasionally you find a gem.  In Suldusks debut album, I have found myself a gem.

Lunar Falls is an atmospheric and immersive listening experience that really takes you on a journey.  This is the sort of music that you simply cannot pigeonhole. Is it metal?  Is it folk?  It’s neither, and both all at the same time.  The one thing that is for sure is that the entire album is beautifully arranged, and certainly original.

I was lucky enough to recently speak with Emily Highfield about all things Suldusk and Lunar Falls, for an episode of my Noise Pollution Podcast.  After you check out the album, listen to the episode at the link below;

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