Paralysed by Rumours.

Victorian metalcore band Rumours have just released the brilliant single “Paralysed.  Vocalist Jackson Bentley recently took the time to answer a few questions about the making of the song, and it’s accompanying video.

You have just released the song “Paralysed”, tell us about how the track came together?

We went into the studio really looking to make a change with the band.  We never had any intentions of becoming a metalcore band but somehow along the line we became one, so writing and releasing Paralysed was definitely to try venture more into the music we want to write.

What is the song about?

The song is about coming to that point in a relationship or friendship where it has become so poisonous that you need to leave, but because you have known this person for so long it’s so hard to let go so you become sort of paralysed in the situation.

Its produced by Chris Lalic from Windwaker, who are having a great run of their own right now. How did he get involved with the project?

Chris and the Windwaker guys have been our close friends for years! We are all from the same country town and all went to school together so we consider the Windwaker boys our brothers and some of our closest friends. Chris has always had a huge part in our writing process and trying to guide us in the right direction, we honestly wouldn’t even be a band if it weren’t for him, we consider him somewhat the 6th member we never had.

As the producer, what, if anything did he add or subtract from the song to make it what it became?

I think in producing this song, Chris helped us find that balance of going down a more rock styled path but having that heavy element still there.

I can hear a real Chester Bennington vibe vocally, was he an influence in Rumours sound at all?  

I grew up my whole life listening to Linkin Park.  Hybrid Theory was the first CD I ever bought. So I think Chester’s vocals have always been an influence on my voice, I find myself lyrically writing similar to him also. When you listen to an artist so much especially in your younger years I think they will always subconsciously influence you.

What/who else are you influenced by musically? 

Everyone in the band has completely different music tastes. Personally for me bands like U2, red hot chilli peppers, 30 seconds to Mars, The Plot In You, and the local heavy weights Ocean Grove.

Tell us about the concept behind the accompanying video for Paralysed.

The idea of the video was to do something completely different and quirky. We didn’t want to do a serious video so the idea kind of grew from a mixture of influences and musicals/music videos like The Rocky Horror Show, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, and bands that have done something different. The concept of the video honestly doesn’t reference the song.  It sort of started out with the fireworks idea and just kind of grew the more we planned it.

The final result always looks like it was a great time, but having been on a few music video sets myself, I know the work that goes in to them. How were your experiences in making the video?The making of that video was one of the most stressful things I have done but also one of the greatest, playing the song having all those fireworks go off around us was something I’ll never forget. It ended up being an 18 hour shoot, but we had such an amazing crew there and everyone did there jobs so well which made things a lot easier. The video would not have been possible without everyone there on the day.

Is the song going to be part of an upcoming EP or album?

We definitely have new music in the works but it is already so different to Paralysed it just wouldn’t work being on the same CD as the new songs.  We are starting to play some new ones live to give the crowd something fresh and exciting.. We have definitely been looking outside our usual influences to come up with a new sound and direction we never thought we would attempt so we are really excited to get the call rolling on them.

Where can fans listen to Paralysed right now? 

Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music.

*Whats next for Rumours? Shows, shows, shows and then new music!


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