Beast in Black – From Hell With Love (2019)


2017’s Berserker was a great release, and the latest offering from Finnish band Beast in Black, From Hell With Love, might not be leaps and bounds ahead of its predecessor (in my opinion), but should definitely leave fans of that albums symphonic, melodic power metal feeling happy.

From the opening of Cry Out for a Hero, we are treated to an album that is overflowing with soaring melodies, excellent guitar work, and some fantastic vocals. Sure, there can be much debate about Beast in Black not being as good as other bands in the genre, but they are doing a fantastic job for mine.

At times elements of electro pop are used to interesting, but not always great effect, but when it works, it works very well.  Listen to the title track for proof.

There is a rock opera feel to the album, particularly on tracks like Sweet True Lies and  Die by the Blade, with some great musical arrangement, and lyrical structure.

If I’m being honest though, by the mid point of the album, it’s all getting a little repetitive, and there isn’t really anything from Unlimited Sin onwards that I could call a memorable moment.  All of the songs have their good points, but ultimately the first 5 or 6 tracks off of From Hell with Love would have made a sensational EP on their own.   It’s well worth a spin, even if it is a little bloated.


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