Danko Jones – A Rock Supreme (2019)


Danko Jones, the person and the band, love what they do, which is write fairly simple, but catchy as fuck rock songs about the things they know and love.  It works perfectly, and the entire package is believable as hell on all of the bands releases, with A Rock Supreme being no exception.

Opening track, I’m in a Band, is exactly what we expect from Danko Jones.  It’s a great fun song, that lets us know just exactly how he feels about what he does.  Simple and effective, and a great opening statement.

I Love Love takes “rock” out of the lyrical equation and replaces it with “love”.  There’s a definite formula to the way Danko Jones writes, but it works well.  We’re Crazy wastes no time in getting straight to the point, and with its swagger and groove, it is one of the highlights of A Rock Supreme for me.

Dance Dance Dance features some of the best guitar work of the album.  More groove, more swagger, some excellent vocals and a catchy sing along chorus make for a fantastic song, that will surely be a crowd pleaser.

Lipstick City has all the elements of a classic rock anthem, with a funky feeling for good measure.  Fists Up High delivers chugging guitar riffs along with some great lead flourishes, quirky and funky drum patterns and a chorus that that is custom made for crowd interaction.  It’s another album highlight for sure.

Party is exactly that.  It’s another fun anthem, and those gang vocals are a nice addition.  You Got Today starts with a riff that instantly brings AC/DCS Riff Raff to mind.  The chorus features lyrics that are instantly my favourite of Danko Jones.  The song never lets up at all.  It’s a balls out rocker from start to finish, with phenomenal guitar work throughout.

That Girl has a down and dirty vibe in the verses which is all in the bass, but gives way to a massive power pop chorus.  It’s great stuff!

Burn in Hell is fast and furious rock and roll, and could have been better suited to an earlier placement on the album, while You Can’t Keep Us Down is the perfect closing statement.  It’s a relentless and bold song that serves as the Danko Jones mission statement.. And why would anybody want to keep a band like this down?

A Rock Supreme is another quality release from Danko Jones, who consistently deliver great music.  The band is one of the few who can take rock n roll back to the mainstream, and become a household name.


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