Crooked Royals – Rumination (2019)


Set to drop on April 19th, is New Zealand based post hardcore/metalcore band Crooked Royals, with their sophomore EP, Rumination.  

Opening with the title track, Crooked Royals demonstrate their innate ability to blend a combination of crushing heavy riffs and vocals with soaring melodic clean vocals and some fantastic and intricate guitar harmonies.  Rumination commands your attention from the moment it kicks in, and proves that there is more to this band than your average metalcore band. 

Dissentients featuring Veil of Maya frontman Lukas Magyar, goes to even further lengths to show the heavy/clean juxtaposition in Crooked Royals music.  The riffs are huge and relentless, but when the song shifts to soaring clean sections, the band truly shines.  

Vox Populi is the shortest song on the EP, clocking in at 3.25, yet manages to be the most urgent and intense the band sounds on the entire EP.  They’re not breaking new ground on this track, just further cementing their future, because while this isn’t Crooked Royals first release, Rumination is certainly their statement of arrival.  

Circulate is another massive entry.  The band knows it’s strengths, and plays to them, never really stepping out of their comfort zone.  This is fine though, because they are very good at what they do. Leaps and bounds ahead of others in their genre, at least in my opinion. 

Aeon closes out the EP with an airy intro, that gives way to mostly clean vocal throughout the epic song.  Aggressive vocals are used sparingly here, and only to add accent to an otherwise very accessible song.  Crooked Royals demonstrate the most diversity here, and it makes for a memorable track that is my definitive favourite of the release. 

Crooked Royals will gain a lot of attention off the back of Rumination, make no mistake about it.  


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