Hell’s Addiction.


Tell me about the band name.  The apostrophe denotes that the band name is the short form of “Hell is Addiction”, so is Addiction something the band have struggled with, or was it simply a name that you liked?

We struggled with the right name for a while, I think it was jay that came up with Hell’s Addiction. We toyed with a few before hand but this was the one that stuck out for us, it was a simple as that really. I’d love to give you a more interesting story than that haha!

The band Hails from Leicester in the U.K, so tell me how the area might have shaped or influenced your music.

I believe our own experiences have influenced the music rather than where we’re from in all honesty.

What is the rock and metal scene like in Leicester currently?

Unfortunately the scene isn’t massive in Leicester, having said that the guys that do support it do it in a massive way.

Hell’s Addiction has a pair of siblings in the ranks.  I have a couple of brothers, so I know how it can be sometimes, so I’m just wondering if there’s ever any sibling rivalry or family spats that might come in to play?

Haha yea we fall out every now and then but it’s nothing serious, we all keep each other in check which works well. If anyone steps too out of line they get reign in very quickly.

Tell us about how Hell’s Addiction came to be, as far as your formation.

Myself, my bro Liam and Luke played in a band before Hell’s Addiction but it never felt like this therefore naturally came to an end. Liam also played in a band with jay so naturally when both bands came to an end around a similar time we got together and Hell’s Addiction was born. It wasn’t until a week before playing Download festival in 2016 Dan joined the band and it was the real icing on the cake!

I can hear lots of different influences in your music, and name checked Skid Row, Bon Jovi and Shinedown in my recent review, so tell me about your influences?

Yea personally a massive influence of mine is Skid Row. Not many days passed by without watching live videos of Sebastian Bach, his energy and aggression on stage was priceless for me.

How would you say your sound has developed or grown from earlier releases to your current EP?

We’re growing rapidly as a band, writing is become more and more natural to us therefore the music we’re writing is getting better and better. We’re collectively really happy, we have great management that want the best for the band which is huge for us.

Your new EP V1.0 has been really well received by fans and critics alike.  You guys must be stoked that the hard work has paid off?

We’re so happy about the way the E.P has gone down. We were really confident about the music before it’s release but we could never of guessed a week later we would be sitting at number 2 in the amazon Rock charts. Really amazing stuff and we owe to all of our amazing fans.

Tell us a bit about the writing and recording process for V1.0.

We write as band, it’s the way we’ve always done it. Generally the music comes first and I write the lyrics to fit! Not to say that’s the way it has to be but that’s the way it works for us. Recording V1.0 was honestly the easiest 4 tracks we’ve ever payed down! Matt Elliss of Axis studio’s in Doncaster pushes us to create the best material we possibly can but also makes our job as easy as possible. He’s a super talented guy and would advise any band looking for a studio to check him out

Do you enjoy the process of writing and recording, or are you ultimately more motivated by the final product?

There’s nothing better for us than performing live, we feel that’s when the band really comes alive. I think there’s always been something special about writing your own piece of music and is one of the reasons we all do it. Recording was something we found difficult in previous years, we felt it was hard to capture our sound on cd but having found Matt at Axis it’s something we’re really starting to love.

What was the choice to record an EP over a full length album motivated by?

We write the 4 songs in pretty quick succession and had a great feeling about them, we were also offered a run of gigs in the pretty near future so the natural thing for us was to release them as an e.p which lead to some nice promo to the tour.

Do You already have a time frame for more new material, or does the band plan to do some touring off the back of this before contemplating new music?

We’re already booked in later in the summer to start what will be our 3rd full album. There will be more dates before that but we don’t want to take the foot of the gas where recording is concerned.

Speaking of touring, tell us a little about Hell’s Addictions live shows.

This has always been our favourite bit, we get to see real reactions to new and old music, we get to interact, we get to meet new people, it doesn’t get any better than that! Expect a Party!!

Do you have plans for any international touring?

It’s something we are planning for the near future, nothing in stone but plenty to discuss. It’s a dream for us so we’re pushing hard for this.

Lastly, if somebody were to say to you “why should I listen to your band?” What would you say to turn them in to a fan?

If somebody said to me, why should I listen to your band? I’d say go fuck yourself you filthy animal! Fans of music give anything a chance in the hope they’re going to find something special, I’m not begging anyone!

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