Trailer Park Boys – The Animated Series.


Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series begins with the boys higher than they’ve ever been on mushrooms, locked up, and somehow transported into a cartoon world.  Just like the live action series, this is a wildly good time, and don’t let the cartoon element fool you, all of the Trailer Park signatures remain.  Juvenile humour, fowl language, copious amounts of drugs, and out right hilarity. 

It’s a cheap animation style in the vein of Beavis and Butthead, but it works perfectly for the Trailer Park Boys.  If you’ve watched the original series at all, you should know that Julian, Ricky and Bubbles always find themselves in ridiculous situations.  Transporting the boys, and the extended cast of miscreants, in to an animated world, offers the writers the chance to really step up the ridiculousness, and they do just that. 

Over the course of ten 24 minute episodes, the characters are severely injured with little to no consequence, destroy cars, get carried away by birds, befriend a tape worm, and that’s all within the first few episodes.  They go on to stalk ice hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, save a mountain lion, tangle with a biker gang and throw a benefit concert.  Yep, it’s nuts! 

All characters are voiced by their live action counterparts, including the departed John Dunsworth as the over the top Jim Lahey.  His lines are cobbled together from pieces of dialogue from the live action series, and serve as a tribute of sorts.  


Alex Lifeson from Rush and Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age have guest spots here, however original series regular Sebastian Bach is not present.  It’s a shame, because I had high hopes for an over the top animated Baz.  

This slots right in as a welcome addition to growing catalogue of adult animation at Netflix.  Think Big Mouth, F is for Family, Paradise P.D and to a lesser extent Archer.

It’s great fun.  Fans of Trailer Park Boys will love it, but it’s certainly not for kids! 

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