Suzi Quatro – No Control (2019)


Well into her fifth decade as a bonafide rocker, Suzi Quatro has released her latest album, No Control, which is the 16th full length solo album of a stellar career. 

No Soul/No Control kicks things off with a bass heavy (naturally, she’s the bass player!) rocker of a track, that moves at a million miles an hour.  Suzi sounds great, and almost youthful at times.  “You can’t take away my soul, you can’t break me coz I’m in control” is the statement declared here, and it’s clear Suzi Q means business.

Going Home is a blues based boogie, and there’s a little bit of gravel in her voice here that serves the song perfectly.  Strings has a big band vibe to it, complete with brass section, and some great piano accents.  It’s bold and groovy, and a lot of fun to listen to. 

Love Isn’t Fair is Caribbean cruise music set to a Suzi Quatro vocal.  It’s a weaker link for mine, but goes to show the diversity of this bands capabilities.  Macho Man is another groovy, bluesy number with a killer lead break.  This is the Suzi Quatro of old, and brings Can the Can and Devil Gate Drive to mind.  It’s a real highlight of the record. 

Easy Pickings is yet another really strong song among a great bunch.  A little bit southern country, complete with harmonica, in the verses, giving way to riff driven chorus and a sweet section of honky Tonk piano.  Again, it’s a very diverse album, and it’s all really enjoyable. 

Bass Line, no doubt named after the funky bass line that runs throughout the song features maybe the best vocal performance of the record, while Don’t Do Me Wrong takes you straight to a booze soaked blues bar, and Heavy Duty again recalls early Suzi Quatro.  It’s all great stuff.  If you’re not enjoying yourself by now, your simply not trying.

I Can Teach You to Fly brings back the big brass band sound for a bouncy enjoyable song and to close out the album we have the very bluesy (obviously!) Going Down Blues.  

So many elements are put to use throughout No Control, but everything is used perfectly to expertly serve the songs.  Nothing is ever lost in the shuffle, whether it be a small nuance, or a big and bold brass section.  I stated earlier that Love Isn’t Fair is the weaker link, but ultimately the album is really enjoyable from start to finish.  


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