Gin Annie – 100% Proof (2019)


The debut album from U.K rockers Gin Annie is going to be a welcome addition to the collection of any fan of melodic hard rock.  

Love Ain’t Here begins with huge drum and guitar riffs, but soon transitions into a fantastic melodic groove, with an epic vocal delivered by Dave Foster.  Dead and gone is another slab of smooth melodic rock featuring some nice chunky, almost southern sounding guitar work, and more soaring vocals. 

Chains is the first single, and it’s the bands main statement.  It’s a modern day throwback to big bombastic rock music from the 70’s and 80’s, and serves to introduce Gin Annie in fine fashion.  

New Bad Habit adds a layer of dirt and grime to the bands otherwise pretty clean sound, while Next 2 Me is one of the heavier tracks on offer, yet is able to hold on to their melodic edge.  Damage is a throw back to 80’s arena hard rock, and serves as my favourite track. 

Fallin’ is built on the foundations of some mammoth guitar riffs from Brian Green and Byron Garbett, and is certain to be a crowd pleaser.  In fact the entire album is built on that guitar duos work, with a stellar rhythm section provided by Phill Burrows on bass and Jack Roland-Smith on drums. 

All I Want is a straight ahead rocker which deserves to be heard by any fan of great melodic hard rock music.  I’m not always a fan of a “power ballad” but if a band is absolutely compelled to include one, then take note, Haunt Me is how you do it.  Soaring vocals, perfect structure, and lyrics that are actually worthy of power ballad status. 

Born to Rock n’ Roll is our album closer, and what better way to close a great hard rock record than with an ode to being a rocker.  It’s a little cliche maybe, but it’s a great deal of fun, and Gin Annie could use this to either fire up a live crowd, or send them home happy. 


Overall this is a fantastic debut album, and I look forward to hearing how the band build on their sound for a follow up, because I’m already ready to hear more. 


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