John Corabi – Motley ‘94 tour Melbourne (29/3/19)


Last night we headed out to The Prince Bandroom in St Kilda for the John Corabi “Motley ‘94” tour.  There was almost a capacity crowd in the small upstairs room, but it was still comfortable.  I went in thinking there was maybe one to many opening acts, and I still believe that to be true, but I couldn’t possibly knock one of these bands off the bill after witnessing the gig. 


The first band of the night was Ablaze.  I’m mostly unfamiliar with the band other than a few songs, but after last nights performance, I will get a hold of their albums, because I’m now a fan.  They treat us to an energetic show of huge rock tunes that the early crowd really embraces.  Danny Slaviero is a great front man who knows how to work his audience, even breathing fire at one point.  Newer songs like Long Way Home and Where’s My Drink go down a treat.  It’s a really great set, and I’ll be sure to see them again.  

Sisters Doll is up next, and it’s been over three years since I last witnessed them in person.  It’s an understatement to say that these boys have come a long way.  Singer Brennan Mileto is an arena level performer when it comes to engaging his audience, Austin is an exceptional bass guitarist, and drummer Bryce is a lot of fun to watch, twirling and catching drum sticks and quite honestly makes me feel sorry for his equipment due to the way he beats the absolute shit out of his kit.. talk about a heavy hitter!!  These brothers have clearly put in the work required to really hone their live performance, and are more than deserving of the crowds adulation.  The songs are catchy, and sound massive in this room, with new single, Black Mirror, being the absolute highlight for me.  I hate to say it, but I think Sisters Doll are at the point where they might have to relocate away from Australia to hit the next level, because they are ready to take it to the top. 


Electric Mary is always a solid gig, and that is no different tonight.  Drawing from their expanding catalogue, we’re treated to songs from every release except for the Long Time Coming EP (their best in my opinion), but from the opening of Let Me Out, the crowd is totally on the Mary’s side.  Rusty sounds great, and the band is tight as always.  Gasoline and Guns and an extended jam of Already Gone are the pinnacle of this relatively short set.  The new material from the Mother album goes over great with the crowd as well. 

The moment we are all here for is upon us.  John Corabi takes the stage, and the crowd is eating out of his hand from the get go.  The Motley album from ‘94 is an underrated gem for mine, and I’m stoked to see it performed in its entirety.  The band deserves huge props for bringing these songs to life in the live setting, it’s truly as if this material was there own.  From the opening of Power to the Music, everybody, band and fans, are having the time of their lives.  Corabi is an underrated front man who can still sing his arse off with the best of them, and that shows right throughout.  Between songs he tells stories and jokes, and it’s clear that he is really enjoying himself. He’s funny and engaging and just a real pleasure to watch live.  Welcome to the Numb and Smoke the Sky are the high points for me, but every song goes over well with the crowd. 

If you weren’t there, you should have been! 

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