The Angels – Symphony of Angels (2019)

512F53E8-14C6-4AD9-A6F2-07706477ADFB.jpegAs a long time fan of The Angels, I’m sad to say I find it really hard to get excited about anything the band does these days.  Don’t get me wrong, more power to them for continuing to play, and record new music, but I’m basically “old school” as an Angels fan.  I think the world of Dave Gleeson, and I absolutely love The Screaming Jets, but he’s just not my Angels vocalist.  That being said, I have seen him perform with the band, and it works.

All of that aside, I’m here to talk about this latest release from the band, Symphony of Angels – with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, and believe it or not, I really like it.

The band have put together a terrific song list, that is essentially a greatest hits collection, and given so many of their classic pub rock anthems a symphonic make over.  Angels staples like Face the Day, Take a Long Line, Marseille, No Secrets and the obligatory Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again are all instantly recognisable as the songs we know and love, the Symphony orchestra is  merely there adding a new element to the classics, and it’s done very well.

Coupled with the huge hits are some lesser known tracks such as Blue Blood and Dawn is Breaking which are welcome additions, but it’s the orchestral arrangement on Be With You that does the most to serve the original material.

I love it when a band or artist steps outside of their comfort zone and challenges themselves and indeed, their fans, with a project like this, so I really like it.  It’s actually left me with a smile on my face if I’m being completely honest.

I think Doc would have loved to be part of this.




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