Danko Jones release new single/ announce Australian tour.

4C2596F7-0CE4-4BCE-B375-6EEE44EDB7DC.jpegI first discovered Danko Jones in 2015 when they released the superb “Fire Music”.  That album instantly connected with me, and tracks like Do You Wanna Rock, Wild Woman and Body Bags are still mainstays in my playlists to this day.

I dug into Dankos back catalogue and was delighted to find more garage rock gems such as Rock Shit Hot.  I love the DIY, me against the world vibe that Danko puts down.  His songs are relatable, frantic, often eccentric, but something we can sing along to.

I was already pretty pumped for the release of A Rock Supreme on April 29th, having heard We’re Crazy, Dance Dance Dance and Burn in Hell thus far, so imagine how my excitement levels spiked earlier today when another single was released.

It’s a relatively simplistic song about how much Danko loves being in a band, and from listening to his music, seeing him live and listening to various episodes of his podcast, I believe every word of this song.  His love and passion for the music he makes, and music in general, is quite contagious.  I can’t help but love this stuff more, knowing how much he enjoys what he does.

If a new single isn’t enough for you, it gets better…  Danko Jones have also announced an Australian headline tour today, their first shows here since Soundwave 2013.


If it’s high energy rock ‘n’ roll you are in to, then this is an unmissable concert experience for you.  Danko Jones is great on record, but in my experience, next level on stage.

Tickets for Danko Jones’ Australian Tour will be on sale 29th March at silverbacktouring.com.au.

Thursday 30 May: Stay Gold, Melbourne
Friday 31 May: Crowbar, Brisbane 18+
Saturday 1 June: Crowbar, Sydney 18+
Sunday 2 June: Adelaide, Enigma Bar 18+


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