Short but sweet..

Bryan Adams – Shine a Light (2019)

25B91B18-9B11-453D-91F1-ABD6A91BCE36.jpegOn Shine a Light, Bryan Adams is not breaking any new ground lyrically or musically, but he is certainly going to make his die hard fans happy.

His voice still sounds great, particularly on All or Nothing (a musical knock off of Highway to Hell), Part Friday Night, Part Sunday Morning, and his stripped back version of Whiskey in the Jar. 

There’s nothing here that will be a Summer of ‘69 level anthem, but it’s good for what it is.  


Bonnie Tyler – Between the Earth and the Stars (2019)

192CD3C6-52E1-466B-B479-BCFEA8ECCF2F.jpegIf you’ve come looking for Total Eclipse of the Heart, you will be disappointed, because although there is some good music on offer here, there is nothing that will live up to that 1983 smash hit.  

What we get here is a woman in her late 60’s who still sounds absolutely phenomenal.  In fact her age has probably added something to her voice.  There are a few missplaced guests in Rod Stewart and Cliff Richard and a pretty cool appearance from Francis Rossi for the fun Someone’s Rockin’ Your Heart.

Bonnie Tyler could make a pretty great bluesy album with that voice of hers, but this collection of songs seems like an attempt to create hits.  


Mick Thomas’ Roving Commission – Coldwater DFU (2019)

7EBCDEBE-6A61-4ACA-8245-EA3482AD2860.jpegFormer Weddings, Parties, Anything vocalist Mick Thomas has released a fantastic album here.  It’s a laid back affair, chock full of relatable storytelling through song, delivered with a voice that we all know and love.  And musically it’s perfect!  It’s rock, but it’s got a folk feel occasionally leaning towards country, and then there’s accordions and horns… it’s got everything going for it.  

DFU allegedly stands for “don’t fuck up” and I would say that not only has he not fucked up, he’s delivered his best album in more than 2 decades.  


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