The Dirt (2019 Movie)


Based on the multi million selling biography, the film The Dirt is far from a complete telling of the Motley Crüe story, but cramming every detail of a bands 30+ year history into one 2 hour film is not going to happen.  The writers and directors have had to pick and chose which pieces of the story they want to bring to the screen, and they have done a fine job with the story they are telling.

In fact Motley Crüe are not crucial (Crüe-cial) to the story, because at its core, it’s the tale of 4 dudes who come together to form a band, rise to the pinnacle of the music business, lose themselves and each other to excess along the way and ultimately find each other once again.  It’s a story that could have been told about a fictional band, or a lot of other groups to be honest, because there are many that have gone through similar experiences.

What makes this the REAL story of Motley Crüe, is the sub plots throughout the film.  The death of Razzle, Nikki’s relationship with his mother, Tommy’s marriage to Heather Locklear, Micks battle with a degenerative bone disease, and the death of Vince Neil’s daughter.  The Dirt really is warts and all biography of Motley Crüe, but the cliffs notes version. 

The movie finishes up at the point that Vince  Neil rejoins the band, which is short of where the book of the same name ends.  Could there be a second part?  I believe that if the film is successful, then there will be a sequel, and let’s be honest, it will definitely be successful.  And there is enough story to warrant a sequel.  Generation Swine, Tommy’s departure, Pamela Anderson, New Tattoo, Randy Castillo’s death, Tommy rejoining, new recordings, Saints of Los Angeles and of course the end of the band in 2015. 

The film sometimes comes across as cheaply made, but I get the feeling that that may have been done on purpose, because it adds to the feeling.  It certainly doesn’t shy away from the sex and drugs and rock n roll vibe either, there is a heap of boobs and drugs a-plenty.  The acting is mostly good, particularly for the portrayals of Tommy and Nikki, and I’m glad that the cast is made up of relatively unknown actors so as not to distract from the story. I do like the use of really small, but accurate details throughout.  The best example of this is the tattoos.  Watch as the movie progresses and the band add to their ink collections.  


Overall, it’s a really enjoyable viewing experience, and I know that I will watch it again. 


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