Motley Crüe – New songs from The Dirt.



The soundtrack to The Dirt, released on March 22nd, is kind of a big deal.  It features the first new Motley Crue material since the stand alone track All Bad Things Must End appeared in 2015.  As we all know, the group disbanded at the end of that year, effectively retiring the band, and I’m not sure that anybody thought they’d ever record again…

Im only going to talk about the four new tracks here, because the other 14 are simply greatest hits.  

Let’s start with The Dirt (EST. 1981).  This is the best of the four new tracks.  It chugs along, with Mick Mars being the real star here.  It’s actually great to hear him unleashing the riffs, and his solos are awesome.  Lyrically, it’s the most well rounded of the new material.  I’m not a fan of Machine Gun Kelly, but even his parts work for the track, plus he’s in the movie, so it kinda makes sense.  You know what else?  Vince Neil actually sounds pretty fuckin’ great on this one.  I like it a lot, and can see adding this to my Motley playlist. 


Ride With the Devil is Crue by numbers.  It seems that more effort has been put in to the lead single in every way, including production.  Lyrically, it’s lazy, using too fast for love as a lyric, some whoa yeahs that sound like they’re straight out of Kickstart my Heart, and even re-using the “just give me the dirt” line.  Musically it’s nothing new or exciting, making for an overall very basic and forgettable song. 


Crash and Burn is a major step up from Ride With the Devil.  It sounds better in every way, with Mick Mars being the star again.  More huge riffs are on offer here, and some more interesting guitar work.  Tommy is beating the absolute shit out of his drums, Nikki’s bass is thunder, and once again, even Vince sounds great!  The annoying thing is that this is THE THIRD FUCKING SONG OUT OF FOUR to use “The Dirt” as a lyrical centrepiece.  


I hate the Madonna version (actually, I just hate Madonna!)of Like A Virgin with a passion, and always have, so I was not excited by the prospect of a Motley cover of the song.  Sure enough, I did not like this cover at all when I first heard it, but it has grown on me to a degree.  Vince’s voice has been fucked with in the studio for sure, as it just doesn’t sound quite right here.  Otherwise it’s pretty much just a rocked up cover with nothing special to add.  I will say that it’s better than Ride With The Devil though, I really don’t like that song!


I had always held out hope that the band might reconvene for some new recordings, regardless of their perceived break up in 2015.  The moral of the story is be careful what you wish for.  

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