Dave Walker – Places A Poet Sits.

F00CA772-7A0C-4FB5-A2BC-E8BECF82CA1C.jpegDave Walker is most widely recognised as the furious guitar shredder for Melbourne rockers Destroy She Said.  Some may also know him as the mastermind behind Green South Records, but what a lot of people might not realise, is that Dave is an extremely talented singer/songwriter in his own right. 

Dave has been writing and releasing songs for a very long time now.  Having tackled the very ambitious “52 songs in 52 weeks” back in 2012, the fantastic Esperanto Dollars EP in 2013, the superior Fake Hotel album in 2016 and the absolutely perfect Summertime on the Peninsula single later that same year (this track could have, and should have been all over Triple J), he now releases the Places a Poet Sits EP in 2019.  

8C1F0E56-E79C-4962-A477-0BB14C05E2F3.jpegInspired by the poetry of Ben Lodmell, this EP is  a very stripped back affair, featuring just Dave Walker, his voice, and an acoustic guitar.  Quite frankly there is nothing else required, because in just 12 minutes, over the span of 4 songs we are treated to a very down to earth collection of tunes.  

I’m not going to do a track by track review because there are no songs here that are better than any other, in fact the EP works better if you listen to it as a whole.  All four songs are perfectly crafted, bare bones, acoustic masterpieces which evoke emotion, like only the best songs can do.  I have no doubt that Dave has poured over these songs to make sure that he has done the original poetry justice, and while I’m not familiar with the source material, I am sure that he has.  

I really can’t put in to words how much I’ve enjoyed this short EP (no fewer than ten times in the last few hours), all I can do is urge you to check it out and form your own opinions.  Once you have, go back and explore Dave Walkers back catalogue, because you won’t be disappointed.


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