The words just flow….

The written word is a powerful thing, whether you are reading somebody else’s words, or putting your own to paper, they have the ability to heal you, make you feel emotion, or offer escapism.

I have read a lot through the years.  I have read classics like Moby Dick, Treasure Island and Tom Sawyer, I have read true crime books, historical biographies on the likes of Ned Kelly, poetry, a huge variety of musician biographies, devoured literally everything Stephen King, John Grisham and S.E Hinton have published, and even read the likes of the Harry Potter series, the Hunger Games series and The Maze Runner series.

I have written a lot too.  Short stories and poetry, some of which has been published in newspapers, and of course reviews which I’ll get to shortly.

For me, writing of any kind offers the same sense of healing and escapism as a good book, and when you’re really feeling it, the words just flow.  The end result might be terrible once you have read it back, but screw it, at least you put the idea down on paper (or your laptop.. I’m old school!) and got it off your chest.

I have also always read a lot of music magazines, mostly online these days, but I still buy the occasional hard copy, so it’s safe to say that I have read thousands of interviews and tens of thousands of album reviews.  Back when I was on The Hard Rock Show, I started writing a full review of every album we were going to talk about on the show, which I’d then break down in to point form and use as my notes for filming.

I received some really positive feedback on my reviews that I had shared with various people, and decided that I would attempt to get them published rather than discard them after filming.  Soon after, I was being published on three different websites based in three different countries, and had an inbox full of review requests.

I had started with albums but soon evolved in to reviewing live concerts, books and movies, plus interview opportunities started coming in.  I enjoy it immensely, and people seem to like what I write too, and while I see it only as a hobby and have no designs on trying to make a living as a freelancer, I really do get a kick out of knowing that people appreciate my words.  It’s very satisfying.

While I do love writing up reviews and interviews, I still constantly have ideas for fiction.  Hopefully I will make time to sit down with my notes one day and write a couple of short stories, or maybe even a novel, because sometimes the words just flow.


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