Hell’s Addiction – V1.0 (2019)


If you’re looking for some really solid rock music, then look no further than this great new EP from UK rockers Hell’s Addiction. 

From the opening riffs of Free Your Mind, I’m instantly nodding my head in approval.  It’s a huge sound, with elements of classic arena level rock, with an unmistakable swagger and a hint of southern styling. 

Masking The Pain displays some great guitar work early on, then gives way to a slightly southern influence, and vocals that bring Jon Bon Jovi to mind.  It’s a very well written song, that I can see having strong exposure to rock radio, particularly internet radio.  Hell’s Addiction are really good at structuring a song that is going to appeal to a wide audience. 

If Time Stood Still slows the pace considerably, for a song straight out of 80’s arena rock (I mean that in a good way!).  I can see a crowd full of cigarette lighters held high as I type this. 

Running Away brings the pace back up to finish out this collection with my definite favourite track.  It’s a hard rocker, with a sing along chorus that again, would be right at home in an arena.  


Right throughout this 19 minute EP, I’m trying to pin point influences, and I just can’t nail it down.  One minute I’m thinking of a band like Shinedown, and the next I’m thinking Bon Jovi or Ratt.  Their style of rock also brings to mind a great deal of Australian pub rock, particularly AC/DC and Airbourne.  This is a great sign that the band has drawn from a wide variety of influences, and created a unique sound of their own.  

Hell’s Addiction are receiving an abundance of great reviews and radio play at the moment, and rightfully so, they have clearly established a sound that will please rock fans of all ages, and they are great at what they do.  My only issue with this release, is that 19 minutes simply wasn’t enough. 


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