Echo Del Tusker.


On March 1st Echo Del Tusker released their debut Words to Live By EP, which is available on CD at the bands gigs, online at their merch store, and digitally through Apple Music and Spotify.

The band is made up of Mick Quee on bass guitar, Brendan Forward on guitar and Estelle Artois on lead vocals and guitar.  None of whom are strangers to the Australian rock scene, with Quee being a former member of Dead City Ruins, Forward formally of Massive and Artois having previously been a member of Tequila Mockingbird.  All three have honed their craft through years of gigging and touring here in Australia, and overseas.


Coming together for this EP, they bring a unique sound comprising of rock and blues with a healthy dose of R&B and soul for good measure.  The band has crafted a sound that allows all of these genre defying elements to co-exist, and work extremely well to give us a really well rounded recording.

The vocals that Artois gives on tracks like Can’t Keep Your Man and Fix Your Face are reminiscent of  the powerful voice of Amy Winehouse, while the band are understated, giving the vocals the spotlight.

There is plenty of great guitar playing here too.  Guitarist Forward seems to have a strong grasp of less is more.  He knows when to play, and when to take the back seat.  Quee has always been a really strong bass player who also has a keen ear for detail.

Words to Live By is a fantastic EP, and Echo Del Tusker have a bright future.

You can see the band play live in and around Sydney next weekend.



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