Buckcherry – Warpaint

Buckcherry – Warpaint (2019)


Today marks the release of the new Buckcherry album Warpaint, and it is a fine addition to their catalogue.  

I have to start by saying that the line up changes leading up to this record don’t concern me at all.  Josh Todd has a very distinct vocal, and for that reason, he is the only irreplaceable member of the band.  To prove my point, I know several people who mistook the Josh Todd and the Conflict Year of the Tiger album as a new Buckcherry release a few years ago.  I’m confident that a release from this band without Todd present wouldn’t cause the same confusion.  

That being said, I’m not trying to take anything away from any member of Buckcherry, past or present.  They are all extremely capable musicians, as demonstrated over the bands back catalogue, and indeed, Warpaint. 

Warpaint kicks off in fantastic rock and roll fashion with the swagger of the title track, then rolls in to Right Now, and I’m instantly hooked, and having a great time.  

Next is their cover of the Nine Inch Nails classic Head Like a Hole.  After two very strong tracks to open the album, I’m left a bit baffled by this cover songs placement.  It’s just my opinion, but while it’s a very good cover, I personally would have saved it until later, or left it as a bonus track, while giving my own songs the spotlight.  

Next up is Radio Song, which is a very good ballad that I can see receiving radio play.  The Vacuum picks up the pace a little with some excellent guitar work, while Bent is a lot of fun, and a personal favourite from the album. 

Back Down and The Alarm are decent tracks, but pretty typical as far as Buckcherry material goes.  The reflective No Regrets has a punk vibe going on it’s another personal highlight.  

The Hunger slows things down again, with a very southern, almost country rock feel, but I like it a lot.  

Closer and The Devils in the Details bring the rock back to close the album out, and overall I’m very satisfied as a Buckcherry fan.  The 44 minute run time flies by super fast, and that’s always the sign of a really good album. 



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