All about Japam.


Japam are set to release their second EP, Sickboy on April 12th, and we are lucky enough to have heard the fantastic EP from the Adelaide 5 piece, plus we got to ask the band some questions.

The EP is 5 tracks of impressive technical, yet accessible metal, with elements of groove and progressive metal.  With so many elements at play, sometimes things tend to get over shadowed or lost in the shuffle.  Not here though, the songs are masterfully put together, which is a testament to the bands talent and creativity.  Lead single “Roak” is the absolute stand out here, with those brilliant soaring vocals on display.

I am legitimately excited by this band, so I just had to put a few questions together to get to know them.

Noise Pollution – For those who are new to the band, tell us your back story.


Japam – The band started back in 2014 when Seb Hudson had a couple of bedroom demos that he wanted to turn into a band. He recruited Ryan Lucivero first that he knew through playing in a band with, then recruited the rest of us while they worked on song writing. We actually didn’t play a show until late 2015, so a year and a half after forming.

This is our 2nd release, we did a mini east coast tour for our first EP, played a few rural shows and a whole bunch of shows around Adelaide including some really fun support slots.

Noise Pollution – What are the origins of the name Japam, and what does it mean?


Japam – Unfortunately there isn’t a crazy story for the name, Seb was drunk and miss pronounced Japan, …..everyone laughed and it became the name of our band

Noise Pollution – Tell us about Japams influences, musical or otherwise.


Japam – Although we all have a huge passion for music, we are all very different people and have different influences, but as a band I would say Periphery, Twelve Foot Ninja, Karnivool, bands like that.

Noise Pollution – How would you describe the bands sound?


Japam – Groove metal, with boy band vocal melodies

Noise Pollution- Your first EP was very well received.  How do you hope to build on that with the release of the Sickboy EP?


Japam – Well we are hoping there are still some Japam fans out there after our big layoff, but also recruiting some new eye balls and ear holes from a lot of promoting.

Noise Pollution – Would you say the band has evolved at all between releases? Be it musically, or in your overall aspirations for Japam.

Japam – I think we have just learnt from our mistakes from the last EP. We took a lot of the producing and recording into our own hands, which was good because we had a lot more control but unfortunately it made it a super long process.  I’m still extremely proud of ‘How’s my Ep?’ But I feel that ‘Sickboy’ is something special.

Noise Pollution – You have received quite a bit of radio play  all over the world.  How does it feel to hear that your song has been played in areas you may have never thought possible?


Japam – Incredible!  You write and play music that you enjoy but when other people like it and it has that sort of reach it’s a great feeling.

Noise Pollution – In just under a week, the video for Roak has racked up nearly 2000 views.  How do you find the experience of making a video?

Japam – It’s always a lot of fun. When we are brain storming ideas I think we might do 10% of what we actually put on paper because we seem to build on each other’s ideas and they become huge and ridiculous. Then we realise we don’t have the budget and don’t think it’s physically possible to pull off, so we have to reign it in a little.   I’m pretty sure with every video we have made we worked with our close friend Tim Towie. Having a friend direct and edit the videos is so good for us, he allows us to be our silly selves but also cracks the wimp when needed

Noise Pollution – How did you go about choosing the cover art for the Sickboy EP?

Japam – Kind of like how we go about with videos, there was a lot of different ideas floating about, but after throwing all the insane ideas in the bin we all agreed on the gross cartoon ‘Sickboy’ looking at himself in the mirror, and very happy with the way it turned out.

Noise Pollution – Is there an album launch gig, and/or tour on the horizon?

Japam – Unfortunately at the moment there is nothing in the pipe line due to other commitments and an injury, but should be on the cards at some point.

Noise Pollution – What could we expect from a Japam live gig?


Japam – Fun music played not as well as the recording.

Noise Pollution – What is the next step for the band?


Japam – We don’t really ever make any long term plans, at the moment the focus is promoting and sharing this EP.   After that hopefully get back to writing some new music

There you have it folks.  Japam are an incredible band that I strongly recommend you check out.  The EP is out April 12th, and as soon as I hear of any live dates, I’ll share them with you guys.


Check out the video for Roak;

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