A collection of random thoughts…

I had every intention of making another post through the week, but I managed to get sidetracked by The Umbrella Academy.  Damn you Netflix! It’s a seriously cool show though, and I recommend you check it out.  

Some absolutely stellar albums were released over the last two weeks, and I’ve only scratched the surface of what I wanted to share with you all here.  I have already shared my thoughts on Bastards of Beale by Tora Tora and Distance Over Time by Dream Theater, but there has been an abundance of fantastic releases over the last few weeks, and so many more to come in the next few months.  With that being said, I’m already changing the way I plan to do things going forward.  From this point on, I’ll share my thoughts or mini reviews on the Noise Pollution Facebook page, and here I’ll share a wider range of opinions and possibly interviews (already have a few great ones on the go), while summing up the week in rock and metal.  

Also, it’s early days at the moment, but I’m making plans to restart the podcast portion of what I do.  This time around it will be a legitimate podcast, available on the Apple podcast app, and I’ll be trimming a lot of the excess and unnecessary material from the show, making shorter episodes that are more accessible to the listener.  

I’m excited about getting back into this, and I hope a lot of you guys are going to join me on this journey of musical discovery.  There is so much to talk about at the moment! 

While I’m here, I want to address a PM I received through the Noise Pollution Facebook page.  I’m not going to reveal their identity, because I don’t want to give an identity to this dickhead, but the message went as follows..

“There’s no way you’ve listened to this many albums on the day of release.  Stop making fake reviews of your shit opinions on albums you prolly(sic) illegally download.”

Not that I feel the need to justify myself, but in response to this message my rebuttal is this;  I am a welder by trade, meaning that I spend a great deal of my day with my head down, covered by a hood and shield.  This affords me the opportunity to put my head phones in and listen to music for 8+ hours per day, so yes, it’s completely possible for me to listen to up to eight albums per day.  As far as the “illegal download” claim, go fuck yourself.  I pay for a monthly Apple Music subscription, and everything that I listen to is generally available there on the day of release.  In the case of pre-releases, I obtain them legitimately through record label or PR media releases, or from the bands themselves.  Case closed, you can quit your crusade now… 

Lastly, some of you might have seen that I shared an old video from my days on The Hard Rock Show on Facebook the other day.  It was totally weird to go back in time and watch that video, and I ended up going down the rabbit hole a little and watching a few more.  Then I went further down said rabbit hole and checked out some of the newer THRS material on YouTube, and I want to give some big props to the crew.  The show has come a long way since the early days.  The interviews are really good, and the set looks great.  I also heard that Andrew is working full time on the show now, and although we haven’t spoken in years, to that I say congrats dude, you finally made the dream happen.  

If this does happen to find Andrews eyes, here’s a little “inside” thing that only he will get…  As I mentioned earlier, I work as a welder where big gas cylinders are an everyday part of the job.  Every time I hear a couple of those cylinders bang together… you know the rest. 

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