Massive – Rebuild Destroy, and more..

I’d like to start today’s entry off by wishing the one and only Ozzy Osbourne a speedy recovery.  Its unfortunate that he has had to cancel more shows, but there is no doubt that his health is the most important thing to consider.  

On that note, big props to Download festival for the way they have handled the cancellation.  It can’t be easy to lose your headliner 3 weeks out from show day.  I’ll just add that I think Airborne are a fantastic addition to the line up too!

On to some other stuff…  

I went to see Slash with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators a few weeks back.  I’m not going to do a full on review, but what a show!  The band is extremely tight these days, and really do seem to enjoy playing with each other.  If you haven’t managed to see the band live yet, I strongly recommend that you fix that ASAP.   The opening act was Devilskin from New Zealand, and they were great too.  Excellent to see that they’ll be back on our shores for Download Festival as well. 

I’ve been listening to lots of music old and new over the last few days, so here’s some quickies.. 

Motley Crüe – Generation Swine

I haven’t listened to this album from start to finish since it came out in 1997.  I didn’t like it when it first came out save for a few tracks.   Listening to it today with a fresh set of ears, I was pleasantly surprised.  It’s definitely outside of Motley’s comfort zone, and skews more toward alternative rock.  Well worth another listen if you feel so inclined. 

John Corabi – Live 94 One Night in Nashville

I love the Self Titled Motkey album from 1994, so this is a great live album to check out.  Cora I is about to hit Australia to play the album in its entirety, so now is as good a time as any to give it a spin.  Here’s the tour dates..

Thu 28 March – Sydney – Crowbar

Fri 29 March – Melbourne – The Prince

Sat 30 March – Brisbane – Crow Bar Black

Sun 31 March – Adelaide – Enigma Bar

Insane Clown Posse – Fearless Fred Fury

I can imagine the looks on your faces right now.    I’ve really enjoyed ICPs music for a long time, seriously.  It’s very entertaining stuff, and a lot of the lyrical content makes me laugh out loud.  Definitely not for everybody. 

Massive – Rebuild Destroy

I’ve listened to this album no less than 20 times over the last week, and I’m loving it.  The Aussie rockers have had a pretty unstable line up over the span of their career, and the ups and downs showed on their lacklustre last release.  So I’m calling this one a return to form.  It’s chock full of big and bold rock songs that are going to be real crowd pleasers all over the world.  From the opening track Generation Riot, Massive fire on all cylinders and the albums 41 minute run time flies by.  The closing track A Mile in My Shoes is the greatest vocal performance that Brad Marr has put on an album so far, and possibly the greatest song he’s ever written.  I love this album, and I simply can’t say enough about it!

Check out a video for Long Time Coming below;


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